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Should i update my s4 to lollipop download. My samsung galaxy s4 i has automatically downloaded the update for android lollipop a few days ago.

normally i would have installed it immediately, but that bad experience with the kitkat upgrade disabling 3rd party apps to access sd card was a huge regret. i've been reading a lot of ascetic issues (color schemes), which i dont mind. Samsung has released the update, and other cell providers have implemented the update. Get on it, or give us a definite that you WON'T be supplying Lollipop, so we can at least make plans to abandon either the phone, or T-Mobile. In case you need Samsung's link, here you go: Which version of the Android™ platform does my Samsung Galaxy S4 use?

You can easily update your Galaxy S4 to Android Lollipop without root. As you have shared the screenshots, it shows your device is up-to-date but your region might have not received the latest update yet. But you can check the sammobile firmware page over here. At last the Galaxy S4 users at US Cellular have the Android Lollipop update treat available.

It’s a long wait no doubt, almost nine months since Lollipop was released. While other Galaxy S4 sets received the update way earlier, it was poor from US Cellular to delay the update for so long.

This is also perhaps the last update US Cellular Galaxy S4 will see, as there are very slim. Yesterday my brother came to me and asked to install Lollipop in his S4 i I searched the internet and after getting through some tutorials found the easiest way to install the latest version of Android on his S4 i, i am sharing the method with you after going through this you will be able to install latest update in just 8 simple steps. S4 Not Updating To Lollipop.

Problem: Hello there, found your email online and thought it was worth a shot. I posted the following text on the GS4’s subreddit page, and.

Unfortunately, despite being launched after the flagship Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini isn’t likely to receive official Android Lollipop update from Samsung. For risk mitigation in my case (as I'm an overly anal type) - I made sure that I dug my previous phone out of the closet, charged the battery, installed my SIM, and confirmed that I could use the old phone to at least make calls/texts in the event that "something" happened to my S4 during the upgrade process and I had to go to work the next day.

@GLIMMERMAN76 is right a factory reset should do the aramestudio.rur something that I found with backing up with Kies after the backup restore before the update for some reason restoring after the upgrade to Lollipop did not reinstall my previous apps, the all had to be redownloaded.

usually all the non purchased apps are reinstalled on my phone without the need to redownload when doing. Official Android Lollipop is available for both variants (GT-I & GT-I) here: * GT-I Firmware for Samsung GT-I * GT-I Firmware for Samsung GT. Find Software update or Check for updates to see if your phone can download an OTA update, if it finds one go ahead and do the update, but you might need a wifi connection.

Galaxy S4 Android Lollipop update will bring you a totally new Android. This is also probably the last major update for Galaxy S4. There are so many sweeter features in Android Lollipop. Here are some top 4 new features you will enjoy in the Galaxy S4 Android Lollipop update.

1. Better UI, improved performance. When you look at your Galaxy S4 after the Lollipop update, you may see no differences. You should now have the Android Lollipop Unofficial CM ROM installed on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The first boot will take much longer than usual, so do not panic if your device. Procedure to Update Galaxy Note 2 with Lollipop Android OS: Download and Google Apps Package in your computer.

Hello friends, I want to update my s4 i to manually lollipop but I have some doubts: the first is "must have rooteado machine to do the procedure?" the second is "what firmware used for the procedure?" who can help I thank you. Specifications My s4: android Version: baseband: IUBUGNI1 kernel version: dpi @ SWDD # 1. Usually, your Galaxy S4 updates itself, so it should be up to date.

If you still aren't sure if your Galaxy S4 is up to date, go into the Settings menu of your phone -> About device -> and check the Android version and/or Baseband version. If for some reason, your phone isn't up to date, you should trigger an update search. LOLLIPOP UPDATE WORST MISTAKE EVER! I held off on this for nearly a year, but finally fell victim to the hype.

I used to love my 3yr old Galaxy S4. AT&T downloaded an Android 1 update to. Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop Features. This firmware update updates your mobile Lollipop Device protection. Native security protection, you can Wipe, Ring, Locate your device remotely. Quick Settings. A lot of new Quick settings like Wi-Fi, Flashlight, Brightness, and Sound Control are added in the Notification Drawer.

Enhanced Dual SIM Support. The Samsung has provided Android Lollipop updates for all Galaxy S4 variants. But, it has ignored S4 Mini variants which are still running on Android Kitkat. Even though Samsung has not provided the update, there is an alternative way to update Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to Android Lollipop. The CyanogenMod Lollipop build is also available for Galaxy S4 mini using which you can.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was updated to Lollipop after a long wait with many stability issues and a rather "mashed together" version of Samsung's TouchWiz UI. It caused many problems for users and aggravated many others due to the dated version of Android that was used. If you're saddened that Verizon didn't update the Galaxy S4 straight to Android Lollipop, you should know that you're not missing on an any major new features.

Android Lollipop is probably the least important Android update in this regard, as the version of Android is mostly focused on fixing bugs that got introduced with the version, but manufacturers are able to bake. Naturally, if your Samsung Galaxy S4 model is locked to a specific carrier it may took some extra time before the Lollipop updates reaches you because of the additional testing required. The. The Official Galaxy S4 Lollipop update started rolling out in galaxy S4 users in Russia should receive the update via OTA notification.

The update is still unavailable on Samsung Kies server. But don’t worry if you don’t receive the Lollipop update i will show you how to update your galaxy S4 to Lollipop. Both the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 will be getting updated to Android Lollipop in the coming months. For Galaxy S4 owners, the update will be considerably bigger than for those rocking a Galaxy S5, because other than all the features of Lollipop, the TouchWiz UX on the S4 will be replaced by the newer version seen on its successor.

My S4 is fully up to running Lolipop, Samsung released the update awhile ago for the Galaxy S4, so only roadbock is at&t taking forever to run the update with all those pesky at&t apps they add on top of the Samsung bloatware. Before you get the chance to install Android Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy S4, there are certain things that you need to have, first, for the installation to be successful. The first one that you have to do is to download Samsung drivers, as well as Galaxy S4.

How to update your Galaxy s4 to the latest Android Os version. One of the best things about the Android Os is the fact that it is constantly evolving. This means that the cell phone makers from time to time makes available new updates. So any word on a Lollipop update for StraightTalk Galaxy S4?

I bought a Galaxy S4 because I knew they were going to be upgradeable to Android Lollipop but now having talked to StraightTalk reps about it it sounds like I should be able to update it within Android (ie to ) but not make the jump to Android 5. In this video galaxy s4 lolipop update 1st setup your phone kit kat update and use your PC Odin and your phone update and next setup kit kat file.

Most you might be eagerly waiting for the Android Lollipop update of your favourite Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I for a quite long time, please don't worry as the wait is finally over. Today in this tutorial I will help you to update your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I with the latest Official Android Lollipop firmware for India, Russia, Uzbekistan (Black Edition), Uzbekistan (La Fleur.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a popular Android Phone released in The LTE model of Galaxy S4 got the update of and today i will show you a detailed step by step easy method on How to Update Galaxy S4 I (LTE) to Lollipop Official. If you didn’t get the lollipop update via OTA or a software update notification then you can install it manually on your Galaxy S4 Lte too. Ron's Samsung Galaxy S4 was stolen, and T-Mobile replaced it with another one.

But the one he got as a replacement keeps talking to him, and he doesn't want that. He wants to take it back and get the Samsung Galaxy S6 when it comes out, if it's as good as he's heard it will be. Leo says that they haven't even been announced yet, and there's no need to wait. If you are having trouble doing the downgrade from Lollipop () to KitKat (), like no IMEI (baseband) or directly fails when flashing via Odin, here's the solution (worked for me ;)): 1) Download the following firmware.

Problem #2: Galaxy S4 won’t update to Android Lollipop. Hello. I have a Galaxy S4 i which updated to Lollipop a few months back. One day I grab the phone out of my pocket and it just kept.

I have completely re-vamped posts #1 and #2 in preparation for the forthcoming launch of AndroidLollipop, on the Samsung Galaxy S4. For all those eagerly waiting for the update to AndroidLollipop, you should be spending this time backing up your phone, as per # above. You have been warned! After updating my s4 all of my google services are no longer working, many of the apps i had installed are now deleted, Samsung apps like music player work but do not do so properly.

This update has rendered my phone useless in most aspects of what i need it for (yes need because I use it for work). Just type XDA into a web search (first result on Bing, Google & Yahoo) enter your device name ("Sprint Galaxy S4") to find the right forum, head to the General section under that device and you will find the factory OD2/Lollipop updates for both the and T (choose and download the right one) along with instructions (and support) on how to install it, it's really not hard.

Samsung has officially announced Lollipop update for Galaxy S4 in few countries, firstly appeared in Russia, however still it would take some more time to reach to all users.

However, if you wanting to have the Android Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Steps to Update Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I to Android Lollipop IXXUHOA7: Follow the given step-by-step guide on how to update Galaxy S4 to the leaked Android Lollipop firmware: 1: First of all, download Android firmware and Odin flashing tool zipped files from the above links on the desktop of your PC.

The script that it uses to patch your OS to the newer version performs a check that will abort the attempt of installation if any changes to the system partition are detected, so you have a problem. Or, better said, you had a problem. I’ve got you covered here with a guide that lets you update your rooted Verizon Galaxy S4 to Lollipop (OF1) too. Google released the first developer preview of the android n on march 9 and after hearing suggestions from all over the world they finally named the android N As Android Nougat So in this guide today we will show you How to update Android Lollipop with Android N Nougat by changing the looks of the device.

Here are the steps to update T-Mobile Galaxy S4 to Android Lollipop based custom ROM. Connect your Galaxy S4 to your computer using a USB cable and copy the zip file to your. The Android Lollipop update for the international variant of Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I has been released.

This latest update has the build number IXXUHOD7 and is for the internal variant of Galaxy S4 LTE that came with a Quad Core Snapdragon processor. The new Android Lollipop has a size of around MB and is currently live for the users living in Germany. My S4 (ATT) has not been able to get a software update. My phone is still running and whenever i go to get a software update, it says that it was interrupted and I can try again in 24 hours. My phone has the stock settings btw.

I wasn't bothered by this when came out because i didn't think it was a big upgrade, but now i want and it still won't work. Samsung has released the official Android Lollipop software update for the Snapdragon driven Galaxy S4 model (GT-I). Installing the stock firmware will remove the root access on your. Launch the Kies software and connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC using a micro USB cable. Wait for Kies to recognize your phone. Step 3. Wait for Kies to check for available updates for your phone.

Once an update is found, click on the Update button in the popup. So be sure to enable Latest firmware auto-download in Firmware update settings in Samsung Kies.

Else you will need to wait for quite some time if your Internet connection is slow. And can’t use your Galaxy S4 during the firmware upgrade process. Note – both I and I firmware upgrade method is the same. New Galaxy S4 firmware available. To update the software. Make sure your device is sufficiently charged and connected to Wi-Fi. From the device home screen, press the Menu key and tap Settings. From the More tab, tap About device. Tap Software update > Check for updates. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update.

If you wish to upgrade your software to a higher version, although we don't recommend it, then this will be at your sole risk. Straight Talk is not held responsible for any service interruption due to modifications done using a third party software program. Galaxy S4 Lollipop update?

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