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Download strong city cult update. The leader and “Messiah” of a 56 member cult in a remote area of New Mexico called Strong City, Travesser predicted the end times would be midnight, Octo when an “apocalyptic” event would destroy the world.

According to Travesser it. A Cult ‘Exposed’ The Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps was founded in the early s as a commune called the Free Love Ministries. As the group’s numbers swelled, Deborah. Cult member returns to Strong City compound A New Mexico cult member who was taken from the cult ‘s compound near Clayton more than two ago after a hunger strike is back at the compound. That is according to the cult’s website. Uploaded on Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael Travesser was the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City.

Claimed to be God and that Doomsday would be on Octo is at midnight when there would be an event of apocalyptic proportions, marking the end of the world. Last Update Janu. Former Strong City Cult Member Speaks Out. By And now in New Mexico authorities removed three children from the Strong City Cult.

Cult member returns to Strong City compound KOB News, New Mexico/February 8, A New Mexico cult member who was taken from the cult's compound near Clayton more than two ago after a hunger strike is back at the compound. That is according to the cult's website. The year-old woman, known as Esther, stopped eating in protest of the year. SANTA FE – Religious sect leader Wayne Bent, sentenced in to 10 years in prison for lying with two naked teenage girls in what Bent and his followers maintain was a spiritual healing rite.

New Mexico cult leader, 74, convicted of molesting a girl set to be released from prison early for skin cancer treatment Wayne Bent is self-described Messiah and head of The Lord Our Righteousness. If you’ve never seen someone truly brainwashed, then The End of the World Cult needs to be your next documentary. Led by Michael Travesser (whose actual name is Wayne Bent), The Lord Our Righteousness Church in Strong City, New Mexico believed the world would end on.

There is an update to this show. National Geographic filmed the court proceedings where this cult leader was convicted in a New Mexico court room for 3 out of 4 counts of sexual acts with a minor and sentenced to ten years in prison.

It is playing now on the National Geographic channel. It is so astounding to watch this as an Ex. Update: I found this video on Google Videos. No idea where it came from but it was posted on Jan. 3, so I don't think it's the National Geographic program. It looks like a documentary that was filmed by someone that found their way into the Strong City cult. Strong City have also come to the attention of the FBI, who are keeping a close watch over the group. As the program delves deeper in to the world of Strong City, it asks whether Michael Travesser is about to lead his cult to a tragedy of Jonestown or Waco proportions and ultimately whether he's really a master manipulator: an expert spin.

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As leader of a cult in a remote corner of New Mexico called Strong City, this year-old former sailor, previously called Wayne Bent, has spent nearly 20 years preparing his 56 unquestioning and devoted followers for Doomsday. They say they are all preparing for death, to go to a better place. In this Channel 4 film British journalist Alex Hannaford sets out on a journey to visit The Lord Our Righteousness Church, also known as Strong City.

Strong City is a community located near Clayton, Union County, New Mexico. When filmed back in the group consisted of about 50 members and it. Doomsday Cult Strong City of New Mexico - Duration: The Cult Education Instituteviews. A look at the religious circle surrounding Chad and Lori Daybell -. Uploaded Ma Michael Travesser says he's the Messiah. Formerly a sailor called Wayne Bent, Michael is the leader of a cult in New Mexico called Strong City.

His 56 followers - men, women and children - hang on his every word, serving. The Strong City cult has posted its own video of the interview at its website. “It’s not my heart’s desire for Esther to fast on the level she is and taking it to this length,” said Jeff Bent. Â “But that’s her conviction, and she’s really acting out how we all feel about this injustice, and we’re going to fight it.”. Recently, National Geographic Channel aired an in-depth documentary on one of the strangest cults to come to light, the Strong City Cult.

The second part of the documentary was an update. It focused on the arrest and trial of its leader, 66 year old Wayne Bent a.k.a. Michael Travesser. The Cult is an offshoot of The Lord Our Righteousness. About Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, Strong City and The Lord Our Righteousness Church in New Mexico. This page addresses the final developments in the court case of Wayne Bent.

Strong City - a group of about about 70 people (November, ) - is led by Wayne Bent, a man who currently calls himself "Michael Travesser" or "Michael of Travesser." In an in-house, video-taped "interview" that was available for viewing or downloading at the group's web site, Michael states that while his given name is "Wayne Bent," (1) he choose the name "Michael Travesser" in reference to.

This show was about the Strong City cult in New Mexico run by self-appinted messiah Michael Travesser (aka Wayne Bent). 'I have some news. The world will end on the 31st October Oh shit, that's been and gone. I guess I'm not the Messiah after all.' You think then the cult members would pack up and leave. But I guess they just pick a new date.

For a little background, Wayne Bent is now 70 years old and has been the leader of a small religious cult in New Mexico called “Strong City”.

We have referred to his group in previous posts and have shared about one survivor of that group named Prudence Welch. Cult leader released, ordered to eat well Cult leader to appeal sexual abuse conviction Cult leader's case headed to jury Cult leader's trial moved to Taos Cult member returns to Strong City compound Cult Members Disappointed About Judgment Day Cult parents felt betrayed.

strong city: end of the world cult (1/5) Video segments on that were originally aired on National Geographic. Documentary about Michael Trevasser and the cult- Strong City.

My name is Jeff Bent, and I would like to share a few thoughts regarding the trial of my father, Wayne Bent. At the end of his trial in Taos, New Mexico on Decem, my father was convicted on one count of criminal sexual contact (CSM) with a minor, and. Social Influence Wayne Bent Michael's unique way of thinking and the abstract ideas that God has spoken to him and that the Earth is coming to an end captures the attention of several individuals.

Not only must these members be willing to learn and explore Michael's beliefs they. Removing the children from Strong City - which happens to a few kids during the course of "Inside a Cult" - does not solve their psychological dependence on the people who have raised them. Two children sent back to their mother outside the cult go on starvation diets until she feels she must allow them to return.

By Cathleen A. Mann, PhD. Wayne Bent, known to his followers as “Michael Travesser,” leader of The Lord Our Righteousness Church (LOR) in Northeastern New Mexico, recently ended a self-imposed prison protest fast.

Bent received a year prison sentence for sexual misconduct in December His criminal conviction was on a single count of touching the breast of a year-old member of. There is much to make the jaw drop in “Inside a Cult,” a timely documentary about the Strong City sect in New Mexico being shown on Wednesday on the National Geographic Channel.

But by. The Lord Our Righteousness Church A religious community near Clayton, Union County, New Mexico The leader Wayne Curtis Bent, is known as Michael Travesser God told him, "You are Messiah." Thus Bent states, "I am the embodiment of God. I am divinity and humanity combined." Sexual sins are the norm in this cult too. Member Cities.

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The video was posted online by cult members. Esther's older sister, who is no longer part of the cult, got the order to keep Esther from harming herself. Elsa Sayer is also a former member of the Strong City Cult. She has no problem with deputies hauling Esther off to the hospital "It's just killing herself, for no reason I see," said Sayer.

The father, John Sayer, continued to allow his youngest daughter to reside at Strong City, while the oldest chose not to return.

Although he left the compound with his wife and daughters after being a church member for sixteen years, Sayer returned with his year-old daughter to the cult compound a second time. Travesser is the cult leader of the Strong City cult located in a remote corner of New Mexico, and was once a Seventh Day Adventist Pastor. Members of his cult, which include several children, have bought into the idea that he is their savior.

"Former Strong City Cult Member Speaks Out" — The O'Reilly Factor, May 2, Associated Press. " State seizes four children from N.M. doomsday cult compound " — Las Cruces Sun-News, April. The Lord Our Righteousness Church, sometimes called Strong City, is a religious community near Clayton, Union County, New Mexico. It originated with a group of about eighty adherents who migrated to the area from Sandpoint, Idaho in Inthe community consisted of approximately fifty people.

History Its leader Wayne Curtis Bent, born May. The End of the World Cult is a documentary about the Lord Our Righteousness Church, aka the Strong City Cult, as they count down the days before the end of the world on October 31st The film features unusually good access and especially focuses on the creepy sexual relationship cult leader Wayne Bent has with his mostly female followers.

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Directed by Ben Anthony. With Michael Travesser. Michael Travesser says he's the Messiah and that God has told him the world will end with an apocalyptic event at midnight on 31 October As leader of a cult in a remote corner of New Mexico called Strong City, this year-old former sailor, previously called Wayne Bent, has spent nearly 20 years preparing his 56 unquestioning and.

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However, the Democratic governor expressed concern about climbing COVID case counts in neighboring Texas and Arizona, and said it’s still not safe to fully reopen New Mexico’s economy. Updates on the Polygamist Custody Battle; Doomsday Cult Exposed.


(END VIDEO. Update: Here is a more recent post with a way you can rate how highly a group scores on the Dangerous Cult Scale. Posted by Tower at The Strong City cult was more of a Christian cult with roots in Seventh Day Adventists (like the David Koresh cult in Waco.) The Buddha Field was more Hindu/Buddhist/New Age/Psychological.

Strong City may refer to places in the United States. Strong City, Kansas, a city; Strong City, Oklahoma, a town; Lord Our Righteousness Church, New Mexico, a religious community sometimes called Strong City, and the subject of the National Geographic documentary "Inside a Cult"; See also.

Strong, Arkansas, a city. Traditional Cult Example: A new cult recruit meets all members at prayer meetings, potlucks and sing-alongs. They all become close friends. A few months later, one of the friends—who is now really familiar brings up the idea of tithing (giving money to the cult leader).

This is an unfamiliar idea brought by a. A northern New Mexico cult leader loses a court battle in his sex crimes Bent, also known as Michael Travesser to his followers in . - Strong City Cult Update Free Download © 2016-2021